We love our pets, but how much do we love the fur they leave behind? For some lucky people out there, their cats and dogs don’t shed much so the vacuuming, grooming, cleaning and regular dusting may suffice. But for those with some serious fur issues, here are some tips that may help.

1.) Humidifier- Not only is a humidifier good for adding moisture to the air, but it can help keep fur from sticking to surfaces. Humidifier’s are also great for the skin and makes breathing a little easier so it may be an overall good investment.

2.) Balloons- Rubber gloves, fabric softener sheets and balloons are known to help pick up hair from couches, curtains and most fabrics. So if dusting isn’t giving you the results you want, try one of these.

3.) Oil- in their food that is. Some of the same oils that are good for humans are good for our pets too. Olive and Fish Oil contains many great nutrients, such as Omega 3, Vitamin A,D and/or E and antioxidants, for internal and external benefits. For pets, this means reduced shedding and a shinier/healthier coat. It’s suggested to go with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and to only give one teaspoon per 20 pounds of weight/each meal for the best results. Also check with your vet, if necessary.

4.) Rubber Grooming Brush & a Blow Dryer- What tools are being used when grooming your pet? The thick rubber teeth in the grooming brush will break up and loosen the undercoat when you brush them during bathing. Additionally, a high powered blow dryer with a hand nozzle will work wonders for drying and getting rid of any shed hair from your pets undercoat. Unfortunately fur will always be a part of being a pet owner, but with a little work, the amount of fur in your home can drastically decrease.
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